Saturday, 4 July 2009

Obama Uses His Volunteer as Plant at Healthcare Propaganda Event

It turns out that the woman at a White House-sponsored healthcare forum who pulled the heartstrings of the media by asking President Obama for help in treating her cancer — as if she were channeling the afflicted who, in the New Testament, besought Jesus of Nazareth for a healing touch – was an Obama plant.

Debby Smith is a member of Organizing for America, a network of volunteers whose mission is to rouse public support for President Obama and his political and social agendas; it is also a project of the Democratic National Committee. Smith was invited to the event not by an outside group but by the White House itself.

No wonder the president hugged her.

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Anonymous said...

Everything Obama, Pelosi, Geithner, Lautenberg, Waxman, Feinstein and generally the entire political elite establishment of Communist Marxists do in Washington from now on is nothing but fake smoke and mirrors as is this little stunt too, propaganda for us stupid masses to suck up on and believe while behind the scenes they dance to their puppet masters higher up and bring on the International Socialist Utopia they've been planning on for over a century. The latest staged propaganda play just emphasizes the fact and makes it more apparent. Liars the whole lot of them and liable for treason in an earlier time when the government spoke to the will of the people and not the other way around as it's been corrupted into the present monstrousity.